Debate about the need for explainable AI in medicine at Pint of Science: Med-night @Brygg Oslo

I held a fun debate with cardiologist Pål Brekke about whether or not medical AI needs to be explainable. Check it out for some serious technical and political issues presented in a lighthearted way. Our debate starts at around 1:23:00.


King’s College London News Post about Predicting Cardiac Arrest with Heart Shape Changes

My research article about predicting cardiac arrest in dilated cardiomyopathy via heart shape analysis has been highlighted on the King’s College London news site! I am grateful for the extra attention, as a large multi-centre team is needed to truly test the model. The more people that hear about the work the better.

Online Lecture about Machine Learning Basics

I recorded a lecture on machine learning basics as part of the 2021 Simula Summer School in Computational Physiology. Check the video out if you are curious about machine learning, or just want to see my teaching in action!


Live interview at the Birmingham Big Bang Science Festival

The Birmingham Big Bang Science festival is a large multi-day annual event with many exhibitions and organisations. In 2019, I was interviewed on stage as part of the event “Meet the Future You”, which was designed to inspire British high school students to consider careers in Science. Overall, I had a quite great experience, with many students having interesting and thoughtful questions. Naturally, not all students dreamed of being scientists. “Football star” came up quite often when I asked what students what they wanted to be when they grew up :). In these cases I tried to highlight the role of sports statisticians, and medical staff. Before the event, I received training from professional presenter Fayon Dixon, who has incredible energy and enthusiasm. Thanks Fayon for being such a good inspiration.


I’m a Scientist Get me Out of Here

I am a Scientist is an online event platform, which connects school students with scientists through energetic real-time text based chats. I signed up for a 2 week long event in 2018 and enjoyed it immensely! The students had many questions about me, about science, and life in general. I was literally bombarded with questions and was never bored. One of my favourite questions was whether plants could be given too much water. I answered yes of course you need to give the right amount of water for a plant to grow, and got back an “ugh-oh” message :), so cute. There were also more difficult questions about scientific careers, and sick relatives with heart diseases, all of which made me think a lot before replying. The event also included a voting process, and I managed to be the runner-up out of 6 people, not a bad result.

My profile from the event can be accessed here.


Article in Titan Magasine

Following my PhD, I was interviewed by Gunhild Haugness from the University of Oslo magazine Titan. We discussed (in Norwegian), the state of heart simulation technologies and my PhD thesis contributions.


99 Career Options Podcast – Bioengineer

Partway through my PhD thesis, I had the honour of representing Bioengineers in Calin Fabri’s comprehensive 99 Career Options podcast series. Calin had prepared some good questions about my career up to 2016, and I really enjoyed our discussion. Everything was somewhat spontaneous on my part as I didn’t know what Calin would ask in advance, which I think helped to make the interview more exciting.

Check out the podcast if you are curious about Bioengineering, which could be more precisely called “Computational Bioengineering” as my work is computer rather than lab based.